Welcome to Corazon Management, a new home for Music and Artist Management in San Antonio, Texas. We like to think of ourselves as management with a heart and believe in the philosphy of truth and fairness with our clients. The upfront manner with which we operate extends to all aspects of a Corazon Artist's career. From growing your brand and developing your workflow, to providing industry specific legal representation, we treat your gig as if is our own because in essence if you prosper we all prosper. The business of Corazon Management encompasses touring, recording, live dates, commercials, films and social media. Our dedication to you encompasses all aspects of your career, and allows you to focus on your craft. Professionally and personally, we are there when you need us. Corazon is management with a heart but as they say "nothing personal, it's just business", so while we understand and put our artist's and musicians first we also understand that this is a business.The full service management company in San Antonio, Texas so don't mess with Texas!
For appointment at our office please feel free to call anytime.
Corazon Management
1601 N. Alamo
San Antonio, TX. 78215
210-724-8677  (24/7)

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